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Balloon Me! is now Wicked Twisted

Maine Based Wicked Twisted Balloon Art by Lanna LeeWe’ve gone through a little name-change over here, from Balloon Me! to Wicked Twisted. For now, we will keep this page for Balloon Me running, but if you are looking for current information, please click on over to Wicked Twisted.


How to Make a Balloon Dog

How to make a balloon dog. All you need is balloons! And a pump.

I made this balloon dog!

Getting Ready for Forrest’s party

Getting ready for the party

Balloons are packed and I’m almost ready to go!

Balloon Ghost. Booooooo!

Balloon Ghost Made for Balloon Manor

Ghost Head Sculpture made for Balloon Manor in 2006. [Made by Me, of course.]

Here are some more pix. [I did not make all of this stuff. There were many, many twisters there.]

Let’s Go Fishing!

Let's Go Fishing!

I made this because my Mom asked me to. I’m such a good daughter.

Me and Dracula

Dracula and I love to hang out and talk about Halloween.

Just hanging out with MY favorite vampire.

Mmmm, Beer

Mmmm, Beer!

Ed likes beer! (Here my dear husband models a balloon beer. Less filling for sure!)

Hats are awesome!

Hat Party, FTW!

Made this crazy Hat for Katie’s surprise shower. Did not make the huge sombrero. Now, THAT would’ve been a trick.

A little decoration with your wine?

Flash! Aaaaahhh!


I made this at a TJam on the Road with Ken Stillman back in 2005. One of my favorites. I even kept it at the end of the day.

Flash, he sleeps with the fishes.

Halloween is my favorite time of year